Although there are many actors and actresses who started their career at the very early age but there is difference between Katrina Kaif and them. All those actors and actresses had their god father in the movie industry and they worked under their banner. But Katrina Kaif started her career when she was only 14 years of age for a Jewellery Brand and from that moment she is keep working and got many renowned brand under Katrina’s belt.

No Doubt that Katrina got the look which can attract any one and can make any brand at least under lime light. When  moved to India she is flooded with the various ads assignment and movies as well. At the begining her british tone never suited for the Indian emotional dialogue but hats off to her that she improve this at very pace and now she got the command on every kind of scenes.

I do not know what kind of human being she is but however I do feel that she have positive energy and she is an innocenet soul.