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Katrina Kaif pictures

Katrina Kaif pictures

Bollywood hottie Katrina Kaif pictures, who turned 28 on July 16, had categorically said that Katrina Kaif pictures had no special plans for her birthday and that Katrina Kaif pictures could be busy working on her most current film on her specific day.

But the girl seems to possess learnt the way to tackle unnecessary media attention and preserve her privacy intact. News has it that Katrina Kaif pictures was at Salman Khan’s residence on her birthday and spent good quality time with her former beau and his household.

A popular tabloid revealed that Katrina Kaif pictures readily posed for photographs and obliged media persons waiting outside her residence but obviously told them not to comply with her.

Apparently, Katrina Kaif pictures was on her approach to Salman’s residence for any hush-hush celebration organized by the ‘Dabangg’ star.

A source stated towards the tabloid, “It was Katrina Kaif pictures plan to fool the media and Katrina Kaif pictures did handle to some extent. Katrina Kaif pictures had her own plans chalked out and did not want any person within the media to understand about it. That’s precisely the reason why Katrina Kaif pictures asked the shutterbugs waiting outdoors her house to not adhere to her when Katrina Kaif pictures left her house last night.”

“Katrina Kaif pictures went to Salman’s property and produced certain that no one would notice her although entering the residence. He didn’t invite folks from the film business for this bash. It was a small private affair with only couple of close family members members along with a couple of pals from the market,” added the supply.

Katrina Kaif picture

Katrina Kaif picture

Katrina Kaif picture – Bollywood actor Katrina Kaif picture name has emerged on top among essentially the most dangerous celebrity-related crucial words within the Indian cyber space that expose computers to malicious software program, based on a report for net security organization McAfee.

The firm researched by means of popular cultures and
associated stories

renowned people including sportsmen, actors and politicians across the internet to reveal the most Dangerous Indian Celebrity.

Actresses Deepika Padukone and Kareena Kapoor took the subsequent two spots following Katrina Kaif picture.

Commenting on the findings in the report, the senior director of McAfee India, Venkatasubrahmanyam Krishnapur stated that in a celebrity crazy country including India, cyber criminals locate it extremely lucrative to use the names of common figures as key phrases to lure people to sites with malicious software program.

“This year’s study identified movie stars top the most harmful list, even though sports stars and politicians are among the safest,” he stated.

Fans trying to find results on search engines using strings such as “name of celebrity” combined with words like “free downloads”, “hot pictures”, “screen savers” and “videos” are at risk of operating themselves into web sites with malicious software and on the internet threats designed to steal personal details.

“Searching for top celebrities continues to generate risky outcomes,” mentioned Paula Greve, director of net security research at McAfee.

“Consumers needs to be particularly aware of malicious content material hiding in tiny places like shortened URLs (uniform resource locators) that may spread virally in social networking websites, or through e-mails and text messages from friends,” Katrina Kaif picture added

The study for “Most Dangerous Celebrity” employed the McAfee SiteAdvisor web site ratings which indicated the internet sites that were risky to search for celebrity names on the net and calculated an overall danger percentage.

The other Indian celebrities who followed the 3 leading ladies were actors Saif Ali Khan, John Abraham, Amir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and actresses Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Bipasha Basu. – Katrina Kaif picture.

Katrina Kaif on the Set of ‘Baa, Bahoo Aur Baby’

Aug 23, 2008 Author: kaif-fan | Filed under: Katrina Kaif Photo

The Singh is Kinng beauty has been keeping a pretty low profile since the whole Shahrukh – Salman feud at her birthday party, but she had time to make a surprise visit on the sets of popular soap opera, Baa, Bahoo Aur Baby. Katrina looked stunning in a bright orange sari, dancing away with some pretty interesting characters. Check out the pictures, below!

Its a real celebration with great enjoyment on her face!

Katrina Kaif picks up starry attitude

Aug 23, 2008 Author: kaif-fan | Filed under: Katrina Kaif Photo

Did they pick up on the attitude of Boy Friend Salman Khan? Katrina Kaif will not even acknowledge a romantic relationship with Salman Khan, even though the two are often spotted together.

Because she is tight lipped on that front, it is better to ask her other questions will be crowned as the sexiest woman in Asia. To that she gushes, “It’s much to know you’re loved so much by your fans. I feel privileged.”

Also on the way it appears on the cover of one of the costliest magazines in the world adorned with gold and diamonds, they quip, “It was an innovative idea, so I obliged. Moreover, the price of the mag -”$ 20,000 -” even for a good cause”

At this moment, her career on a high. Katrina Kaif had three back-to-back hits in 2007. Her last film was Singh is King generating much excitement. But the most exciting moment for Katrina this year is the birth of her sister’s baby. This year there is a lot of professional and personal happiness for Kats!