Katrina Kaif hot

Katrina Kaif hot

Katrina Kaif hot – What’s Diwali with no some great old fireworks and crackers? It’s also now a yardstick of a Bollywood star’s reputation with the junta in the rate a firecracker named right after them sells.

Last year’s blockbuster Dabangg continues to make ripples at the firecracker shops having a unique brand of firecrackers identified as the Chubul Pandey rockets. But far more than the Bollywood heroes, it’s the Bollywood heroines who truly rule the cracker street.

Himmat Chavan, store owner says, “These are the crackers that get sold out very rapidly. Hindi film stars ki toh bahut chalti hai. People get attracted to the pictures on the packaging and buy them. But most of them are costly ones, all fancy stuff,” he says pointing towards the rows of Katrina Kaif hot Funky Dream multi-shot rockets.

When it comes to crackling sex appeal, it clearly seems to veer to actress Katrina Kaif hot, who has zameen chakri to her name considering that last year. Close on Katrina Kaif hot heels is actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

A cracker calledFlying Rani, which emits unusual colours while burning, has been named right after actress Rani Mukerji. But veteran actress Hema Malini continues to be the perennial favourite because the 1970s when she ruled as ‘Dream Girl’. Her images continue to adorn covers of crackers like Sholay bomb at a time when even Hollywood’s glam brigade led by actor Angelina Jolie are generating their presence felt in the stalls.

Vicky Tikmani, a firecracker store owner, adds that there’s an enormous demand for cartoon characters too. “Pokemon, Monster, Dragonballs – all these are in huge demand. They mostly interest youngsters, so we also make certain that these firecrackers are the kinds that kids can deal with. – Katrina Kaif hot”