Katrina Kaif wallpapers- Taking the action a step further in YRF’s ‘Dhoom 3′, top lady Katrina Kaif wallpapers will kick super-villain Aamir Khan within the rear in what promises to be a vital climactic duel in between two potent adversaries. Katrina Kaif wallpapers won’t be spared simply because she is a lady. It will be an all out fist-to-fist, man-to-woman fight for the finish, reports Mumbai Mirror.Like a slick, sophisticated, hi-tech version of the Salman Khan – Sonu Sood duel in ‘Dabangg’. Only, it is going to be far longer and significantly far more daring. Each Aamir and Katrina Kaif wallpapers want to get into super-shape for this sequence.

Katrina Kaif wallpapers has engaged a individual trainer of international repute to train her more than the next few months till the start off ‘Dhoom 3′ filming.

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Katrina Kaif wallpapers has been undergo para-gliding instruction and understand singing at the same time. Not just that Katrina Kaif wallpapers has been asked to appear her greatest and be fitter than the prior actresses within the ‘Dhoom’ series.

Aamir also will lose handful of kilos and undergo rigorous physical coaching.

Not prepared to be left behind Aamir also desires to train together with Katrina Kaif wallpapers in order that the two look well-synchronised in the fight scene.

Aamir and Katrina Kaif wallpapers will proceed to Chicago in the finish of September. That is when the fight sequence beween the two will likely be shot.